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24 Jun 2022 08:41 AM
I would like to get the status update for my research paper from an official platform.
I was assured that the paper "Assessing the Impact of Demographic Factors on Interprofessional Collaboration for Patient Safety Culture among Nurses in Hospitals of Maldives
This paper was sent on the 16th Of February but I had not received any official update on it, after trying for 2 days when I didn't receive any update I called one of the numbers given and spoke with the relevant person. We have paid the due amount and you all have been committed to publishing our paper, so all communication should be transparent and done in a timely manner.
On June 10th I was asked by WhatsApp to give one of the authors an email add, I was not informed for what purpose. I thought going to send me an acceptance or rejection letter. So I messaged for two consecutive days with no reply(Tuesday and Thursday) when no reply I called. And then a message was passed as this paper will be published within 5 days in another journal. I believe all these communications should be shared officially.
So can someone please attend to this matter, as 4 months have passed by and time matters to me as a student who is waiting to graduate

Hope to get a favorable reply soon.
I didn't receive any reply to the mail, so I hope to get some answers to my queries through this and now my email is seen as an Invalid user.

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